“Jodi, come here,” my friend/host calls to me through the window. He’s outside doing whatever people do outside.
I struggle up out of the lounge chair where I’ve been, yes, lounging, trying to ignore the cold I’ve picked up while here on Prince Edward Island (mystery location!), and dash outside. In his hand is this:

chickadee2.jpg chickadee1.jpg
“Oh my god! What is that?” I ask, all city bumpkin-like. (Earlier on my trip I had expressed the same level of wonder at a bluejay and a hummingbird.)
“It’s a chickadee,” he says.
“I have to get my camera!” I say. “Can I? Will he still be here?”
“Where’s he going to go?” my friend says.
I bolt upstairs, collect my camera, and take a few shots of the sweetest, tiniest, softest little bird I’ve ever seen in my life.
Turns out one of my friend’s cats was playing with this little guy under the car, and the nest’s location wasn’t apparent.
“He’s not going to make it,” my friend says. “How can he? I can’t find his nest.”
Say no more, my friend. Really. Literally. Say no more. I don’t want to hear this. I know this is the way of the world, nature’s whatever blahblahblah, but I still don’t want to hear this. I want to hear that the mother bird will be back in five minutes, she’s just gone to get a worm or two.
“Do you want to hold him in your hand?” my friend asks, as I reach out and stroke the little guy’s head with the tip of my finger.
“No,” I say. “If I do, I’ll cry. I can’t.”
But it’s too late. I try to disguise my tears behind my sniffles, but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone.

0 thoughts on “Birdbrain

  1. Mrs. Z: I am impressed that you would think I could possibly be Cora. You, who have known me for oh so long! Alas, no, I am not Cora.
    Jeffrey: I knew you would appreciate this. And Christina Ricci would have been perfect! With sort of an Emily Strange “vibe”!

  2. I went to school with Warren and hung out with Cora on weekends when I went to visit my grandparents. She was “Burned-to-Death’s” sister (Bernadette…sheesh, I was only 4 and…whatev).

  3. Agreed with Jeffrey – Christina Ricci! If she can pull off Wednesday Addams so perfectly, she can do Cora.
    Never heard of Emily Strange so I just looked it up. Thanx! Apparently, there’s talk of a Emily Strange movie; Figbash can play her cat.

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