Because I know not all of you are on Facebook and thus cannot keep up with the whirlwind of status updates that my Facebook friends are privy to, I thought I would give you two vital updates that I did not include there, so you do not think I am playing favorites. If, by chance, you are both a Facebook friend and also a follower here, then you are doubly blessed and know more about me than even my doctor, manicurist, mail carrier, phone-tapper, cat, and mother do.
So, here you go:
Zoster/shingles: All but gone, except for barely noticeable remnants of rash on my right shin that, if you see me, I will point out to you immediately, because without my swift preemption of what I perceive to be your presumption that it is something even worse, you will interpret it as the unthinkable: a blemish!
Air conditioner: Installed by the boyfriend and works well. Isn’t the quietest of “units”, but that’s okay. I like white noise. It may possibly cover the noise of really painful “blues” that struggles almost daily out of the horn (sax?) of an unidentified inconsiderate lout of a neighbor. (“Units” refers to the air conditioner, not anything boyfriend-related. And yes, in answer to your question, I do indeed have to twist everything around into a double entendre. Yes. I will contort even the most innocuous of statements into something salacious. And if you don’t like it, you can just, you know, beat it.)
In case you’re wondering how someone in this day and age can live without an air conditioner, please know that even before yesterday’s prized purchase, I did have one. However, I removed it after the end of Summer 2006 because it took up way too much valuable window “real estate” and obstructed my view of my patio and the courtyard where, from one of the windows, the aforementioned bad blues seeps and from another the occasional toplessness of another neighbor slips. It’s some big ol’ behemoth of my landlord’s (and yes, I removed it all by my brawny lonesome), and I’m sure it’s not even — gasp! — energy-efficient. The new one, you will be pleased to know, is adorable and energy-efficient and looks like Puccho cupcakes and sings little lullabies in a cat voice, and now all will be right with the world.
Food fotos may be forthcoming tomorrow, along with a dog or two too. I have been remarkably remiss in that regard. Do not think that the lack of food and dogs here means that I have not eaten in two years or that I have decided dogs are not my absolute favorite thing in the world anymore.
I also have photos of my jaunt to Indianapolis, including some headstones that made me giggle and guffaw like the nine-year-old boy I still am and an obligatory shot of a cup of coffee enjoyed at a particular cute restaurant. No photo “set” comprised of photos taken on an excursion away from home is complete without that. And other thrills, chills, and spills too numerous to mention.
Stay tuned.

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