Worth the scream

Hey! Big news! Very important news that you won’t want to miss — if you’re anywhere near the Upper West Side, that is. If you’re not, or you’re not even close to the city, then you won’t give a hoot, fig, or other whimsyword about my scoop.
And ahhh, there’s the good humor you’ve come to expect from me.
And there, just above, is more.
See, it’s all about that ice cream I taunted you with visually three weeks ago and which I described in a bit more detail eight days a week later. The Van Leeuwen ice cream truck that I feared — yes, feared! — did not find a permanent seasonal spot from which to dispense the stuff ice cream dreams are made of has indeed secured its spot outside Citarella (a half-pirouette away from Fairway), and will be there, according to Ben, the impossibly adorable ice cream fella who mans the truck, through the 31st of October!

Van Leeuwen ice cream truck, viewed from the non-service side
And look! Oh!

One scoop of chocolate, one scoop of hazelnut
This time (8 August, for those of you keeping track in a secret Moleskine&#0174), I opted for a cup rather than a cone, so I would not have to savagely swipe at it before it dripped down my hand (thus possibly obscuring my manicure [Essie® Fishnet Stockings, ladies!]). However, by the time I took this picture, I may as well have chosen a cone for all the meltiness that I allowed. (The shot you see here was the 16th I took, against a variety of summery backgrounds. I suffer for my art.)
The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is truly one of nature’s greatest achievements, right up there with dogs, Gregory Peck, and wedge heels. Anyone who has ever dipped himself face-first into a large jar of Nutella&#0174 can attest to the veracity of my claim. But of course, you must experience all things for yourself — do not just go on my word (even though my word is gospel) — and I suggest you do so, especially in this case.
I may get some (oh shush) later, after a romantic dinner date, and will delight you with yet another close-up of my manicure posing by the ice cream in front of a summery backdrop.
As always, stay tuned.

0 thoughts on “Worth the scream

  1. omg…I really hope you get feeling better soon. I had no idea you were not feeling great. You mask it well.

  2. Whenever I became ill as a child, my mom would bury me in blankets on the sofa, make me watch cartoons, and feed me nothing but saltines and ginger ale. And at night, before bed, she would rub my little belly (which she would affectionately call “my poosa”) and tell me that I would feel much better in the morning. I wish I could do all of these things for you, but alas, I am in Vancouver. But maybe you can feel a bit better knowing that your post made me think of some very happy memories. Get well soon!

  3. Get well! As Grandma Z always says, “Sleep is the best medicine.” So stop typing and sleep!
    PS “Ds” why don’t you take that advice too.

  4. It is probably a blessing that you don’t feel the high/kick of the Vicodin…
    Although after the pain you have suffered, I sorta wanted you to get a little fun!

  5. I strongly protest any diagnoses other than Completely Gorgeous. It is the only proper assessment.
    I’m such a suck up.
    Get better soon, and know we love you. Anything we can do to help.

  6. Oh my goodness – I’ve just returned home from a few days away and read of your malady, m’lady. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything. And I mean anything. You KNOW I’ll be able to come up with it.
    Speedy recovery — if you have leftover pills I call first dibs.

  7. awww, sorry you felt no kick from the vicoden, i am glad you felt some relief. feel better.
    call the doc and say they didn’t work at all and get some percocet that will give you a kick for sure.

  8. OOGIE!! So sorry to hear that! I had a case of shingles May of last year and put on a course of Valtrex. I didn’t have any pain just a case of “the itchies” there. It itched like crazy. Thankfully, it hasn’t come back…yet, at least.
    I hope it passes soon!!

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