What was I thinking?

At long last, now is your chance to try to think the way I do! I do not have a handy instruction manual, so you will just have to try to imagine you are I (and you can start by drawing the world’s attention to your/my proper grammar, the implementation of which I know makes me sound like a cognac-snifting, ascot-wearing twit) — that’s it … luxuriate in it … revel in it … bask … baste … roast at 450 degrees for 45 minutes or until tender — and tell me what I thought when I saw this display in the window at The Home Depot on West 23rd Street on my way home from the gym (always with the gym, this one, always with the gym … brains and brawn … is there anything she can’t do?) (she can’t get to the point to save her life, that’s what). Do not tell me what you would think. Tell me what you think I thought.

Hint: The name of the photo will not help in the least.
Tip: I do all my best thinking in a thinking cap. You may wish to follow suit.

0 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. OK. Air conditioners properly used can cause erect nipples, which as we know are the devil’s workshop. but towels? Those haven’t been a threat since the public baths pere destroyed at Pompei in 149 AD…

  2. Here in Indiana, it’s illegal to buy both alcohol and motor vehicles on Sunday. I kinda get alcohol, since it might make drunken white trash sober up and not beat their kids/spouses one day out of the week but the no car-buying thing? I hardly think that keeping people out of the showroom is gonna drive ’em back into the pews.

  3. If it’s sultry and hot indoors, then you might get sexually aroused like they do in New Orleans and other warm climates.
    Then you might have sex and sweat a lot.
    Then you might need a shower, then a bath towel.
    So obviously, the state of New Jersey frowns on Sunday fornication.

  4. Please explain! Or am I going to have to google Blue Laws myself, just when I had convinced myself to do laundry! 🙂

  5. I have no response, because I couldn’t fathom any (ENFORCED) laws that were more strange than the ever-changing liquor laws in Utah.

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