Holding Court, Part 2

Well! Hello again! You will note that this is now Part 2, the second day of my Holding Court series, started yesterday, the first day of my mandatory appearance in a courthouse in Chinatown. I suppose I could have indicated “Part 1” in yesterday’s entry, but that would have meant that I was anticipating a second part, which I was not. (I thought I would just watch 30 Rock as much as I could, but I decided to serve your interests instead of mine.) This is just like what everyone involved with the original Rocky faced. They did not anticipate a sequel. It was only after a second and third and 14th movie was added to the series that people started referring to the original as “Rocky I”. The same phenomenon holds true for World War I.
So … onward!
Nothing thrilling has transpired so far. I got here about 40 minutes early, and found that one of two cool girls that I chatted with yesterday was already here. This is not the girl with the clunky technology and cup of coffee. This one works at a large financial firm and is what I would call TOTALLY NORMAL. As soon as I saw her yesterday, I thought, “This is my kind of girl.” And after talking with her for about 45 minutes today, I think she’s even cooler than I thought. And not just because she identified where I got my bracelet and has the exact same attitude as I do. But also because she’s pretty. And you know I’m a sucker for the pretty ladies! (Or if you didn’t, now you know.)
Before most people got here (and even now we’re only at about 85% capacity), Mr. WhiteHair moved the center section of chairs, about 100 or so, up about four feet toward the front of the room. They were in order, just a few feet back from where, I suppose, he is used to seeing them. “Who did this to the chairs??” he said, and set about to arranging the configuration to his satisfaction. I wanted to tell him that, from where I sat, the chairs were not really lined up perfectly, that their backs were not even at all, but didn’t want him to fine me for contempt of court or something. It is my goal to remain a prospective juror, not a defendant.
Roll call was taken, and I am here.
Stay tuned.
10:52:  About five minutes ago, we were told that very soon we were all going to be called into courtrooms, so I made as mad a dash as I could into the ladies’ room — or as mad as I could without arousing (down, boys) suspicion, given that I am in a courthouse — to make sure my outfit was still in place. And it is. Since photography is not allowed in the courthouse, here is an artist’s rendering of me today: Yes, it’s safe for work!.
While in the ladies room, I realized that my toilet paper supply at home is non-existent, and considered, for a brief (legal term!) moment (as moments tend to be … brief), pilfering the paper there. Then I remembered what happened to hapless Jean Valjean for stealing that lowly loaf of bread and reconsidered. Once again, criminal behavior thwarted by dint of my geography! I cannot promise I will be as responsible when I leave the premises for lunch today.
My stomach is growling like a Brontosaurus. Tonight I am seeing Billy Elliot on Broadway. These are the FACTS.

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