Hump Day!

Here is a little something to get you over the hump*:

Hump Day! from tofuju on Vimeo.
I came across these guys when I was walking home from the gym this morning. I was so enchanted by them that I didn’t even realize I was passing Anthropologie! Rebecca, who was handling Ted, the handsome fellow in front, told me they were on their way to Radio City Music Hall to work. They are not in the show. They work in the back office in an administrative capacity. In short, they type.
(Yes, the effusive, blithering voice you hear is mine!)
Here is a headshot of Ted:

* Yes, I hate the term “Hump Day” and the word “hump” by itself, but I could not resist being hilarious. Sometimes you just have to put your own biases aside and consider The Greater Good, you know? Feel free to admire my altruism.

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