Here you go, kids. It’s a banner day here. I’m treating you (yes, that’s right, treating you!) to not just one but two posts in one day, two glimpses into the thrills of Manhattan in general and of my morning in particular. I know you were holding out for full-color shots of me at the gym or me preparing a very large iced coffee concoction, but there are just some things that must be kept private. I hope you understand.
Anyway, here are three views of the tree at Rockefeller Center, which is going to be the focus of more frothy celebration and touristy brouhaha than you can shake a stick at when it gets all lit up ‘n’ stuff this evening:

rockefellercentertree2008_1.jpg rockefellercentertree2008_2.jpg rockefellercentertree2008_3.jpg
(left to right) Classic tree view, taken from the west, the view you will see on your console television
sets this evening; View from a little further west, including bonus spangly angels; View from
the north (“Not my best side”, I heard her say), including stoic sentinel nutcracker type

I had to sneak these shots, because when she saw me put my head beneath the black drape at the back of my camera, she started shrieking, “I don’t want anyone to see me without my face on!” to the workers hovering around her in preparation for this evening’s festivities. Ever quick on my feet, however, I disguised myself as Banana Republic and was able to secure these exclusive photos.
You’re welcome.

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