Cher’d Space

Today I had lunch with a very tall friend at Vynl in Hell’s Kitchen. Usually I like if he arrives first (I am generous that way), so he can admire my confident stride and careful coif as I approach, but today I decided that since it is a new year I would shake things up a bit, so I got there before he did. I wanted to make sure that even if he would not have the opportunity to admire my stride, he could at least be comforted by seeing that not a hair was out of place, even though I’d just walked 1.01 miles (thanks, Hopstop!) in the wind, so I availed myself of the facilities. Because I had done my research of the restaurant, I knew that they were supposed to be quite remarkable. This would be no ordinary trip to the ladies room.
Once I approached the six (?) doors, each marked with the name of a well-known singer, I had to choose fast lest I appear not to know what I was doing. Would it be Elvis? Nelly? Cher? (Sadly, I don’t remember the others. I blame the wind for sweeping a bit of my memory under the rug.)
I chose this:

Cher’d Space! from tofuju on Vimeo.
The experience was so delightful that I neglected to take photos of my lunch so you could drool over the spectacle of Pad Thai with a side of macaroni and cheese (veganism be damned!) and a few thick-cut (hello, sailor!) potato chips lobbed at me by my friend, who apparently is as mature as he is tall. If I could turn back time, I would not neglect my photo-taking duties. This means a repeat visit is in order, and, yes, that means I will choose a different room next time so you can be enthralled anew.

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  1. I was just thinking about what a big goober you are whipping out your camera and taking pictures every time they bring food to your table.
    I’m sure you have a reputation among the restaurant people.

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