Sugar and spice? Please.

My sister and I were playing the “If you had to either ____ or ____, what would you do (and you have to pick one or they’re going to kill Mommy)?” game. We didn’t want “them” killing Mommy, but the scenarios we concocted made us think maybe we could sacrifice her. We could make our own lunches, right?
“Okay: Eat a chunk of skin or drink a cup of blood?”
“How big a chunk of skin?” my sister said.
I held my hand palm up, as if grasping a softball.
“Big enough to fill your hand. Maybe a chunk from someone’s arm.”
“I don’t know,” my sister said. “That’s a big chunk. All right. What about the cup?”
“A full cup,” I said. “Eight ounces.”
“A lot of blood,” she said, unsmiling. “I don’t know.”
“Yeah, but you’ve gotta pick. No ‘Neither’.”
“Is the blood warm or cold?” she said.
“And the skin?” she said. “Just in a big chunk?”
“Yeah. A chunk. No chopping it up, no shredding, no making it into a burger.”
“That means lots of chewing,” she said.
I don’t think I’d want either of us preparing our own lunch.
She chose the blood, chilled.
Mommy was spared.

*  *  * 

Of course, I know that now you can’t stop thinking about what you would do if confronted with such a situation. Chew on it for a while, perhaps over lunch, and let me know by answering the poll. Please note that I have left off the option of sacrificing your mother.

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  1. Fucking tourist.
    BTW, I need to come back up there and go shopping for more knock offs in China Town and I need you to go with me to carry a couple of my trash bags full of them.

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