I still eat vegetarian food and live in New York and love dogs like nobody’s business, although you wouldn’t know it given the pathetic lack of documentation here on my “blog” (or whatever it’s called these days). I swear. But that will all change soon.
Not the eating and living and loving. I’m not saying I’m not eating and am moving and hate dogs. I mean I’m going to start writing again about all that and more. For real.
So, in summary:

  • Yum.
  • I ♥ NY.
  • Woof.

Stay tuned.
P.S. Boo!

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  1. Mrs. Z, on your way down here next next weekend, stop by their house and spy on the shenanigans, would you? Then we can discuss it at great length between mouthsful of Combos.

  2. Wow, sounds like it should be a show narrated by Bob Saget (who, if you look at his last name long enough, you believe should pronounce it “Sa JHAY”), and have at least one guest appearance by just about any former child TV star. I’m putting my money on Bonaduce because I hear he’s on the inexpensive side.

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