The rectangular plot of grass adjacent to the projects is the equivalent of a threadbare carpet. What it lacks in lustrous green, it makes up for with small plastic pinwheels, paint-chipped Hot Wheels, primary-color Fisher-Price figures, and bedraggled plush toys who lord over the kingdom like mangy Godzillas. The breeze animates the pinwheels and stirs what little grass there is. Sunlight glints off the tiny cars. The Fisher-Price kids smile, some tilted this way or that from last night’s rain. This is not the most beautiful garden in the world. But it’s beautiful because whoever created it thinks it is.

0 thoughts on “Behold!

  1. I always say “meow” to cats. They always look at me as if to say “you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.”

  2. I don’t mind the comma on the inside of quotation marks, but it pains me every time I have to but a question mark inside of quotation marks. That just makes no sense.

  3. Shana! So you’re ghost-blogging for the human who works for you!
    I usually say “Hey, Puddy!” to cats. Of course I say hello to dogs as well who I always refer to as “puppy”.
    Jodi was a phone sex operator? Didn’t know that!

  4. I talk to all animals/birds/reptiles… wow.. even fishes. I don’t expect them to talk back to me… and I don’t imagine that you do either… [but you are Jodi after all… and it could be that animals DO talk to you.]
    BTW – I went by a Coach Outlet Store yesterday and had to stop and watch the “feeding frenzy” within. These women were crazed – OH! it’s 50% off! Umm.. yah.. but it’s still $325.00!!!!
    ahem. that being said…
    I miss your regular posts. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  5. I read books all the time too. Never the ones I was supposed to be reading though. I always hated being told what to read and having to pull out the same things the teacher believed to be important.
    What are your feelings on “Disco naps?”

  6. I’m pretty close to referring to my tits as “the boys”. Obviously, my pre-dawn workouts of 20 minutes or less (“Usually a lot less, as in zero,” he said – yeah, that just doesn’t look right) aren’t cutting it.

  7. Pete: With “meow”, it’s all in the inflection. Be careful. I’ve seen pleasant exchanges between man and cat go to hell within the blink of an eye because of a misplaced inflection.
    Scott: This is one of the many, many reasons why you are one of my best friends.
    Lee: I say hello to more dogs and cats than I do to people. In my neighborhood, I often know the names of the dogs but not the people accompanying them.
    Deb: But … but … I DO expect them to talk back to me! Also: Thank you for saying you miss my regular posts. I do too. Life is different from how it used to be. But still, I should get back into it, yes? (YES!)
    Mike: I wish I could say that “disco naps” bothers me, but it doesn’t. At least not too much — neither the term or the activity itself. It seem like something that would rankle me, though, doesn’t it?
    Tim: You made me smirk mightily this morning with that comment. Good job. A pre-gym smirk is always welcome, and for that I thank you. For the record, I’m thrilled you did not say “moobs”. My smirk would’ve degenerated into a sneer had you done so.

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