Out of time

I truly, truly, TRULY do not belong in 2013. Despite the fact that I love my Vitamix, dehydrator, and the Internet, if it were 40+ years earlier and I had an Oster blender, a toaster oven, stationery and a fun pen and stamps, a dictionary and microfiche and the library, and a bike, I’d be happy to be back there (but at my current age). But barring that time machine I’ve mentioned, it’s probably impossible, so I’ll dress the part instead. Can I create my own 1971-ish bubble in 2013 (but still carry my cell just in case of emergency)?

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  1. I suppose a lot of us stopped reading blogs somewhere along the line. I came to check yours today and saw that it had not been updated in three months. I just want to say that back in the age of the blog yours was one of the very best, so thanks for everything from all of us nameless readers out here. Jodi, you made us smile and you did a great job! Best wishes in whatever you are doing now, even if you aren’t doing anything at all. You touched a lot of people.

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