Put a pin on it


I was going to wait to do this until I could do a “good” drawing. But this couldn’t wait. And neither could I. The time is now, damn it. The time has never been more now than now.

I’ve read a few pieces about how wearing pins is bullshit. Those that I’ve read make the assumption that pin-wearers do nothing but wear a pin, that it’s a way to assuage “white guilt”, blahblahfuckingblah. I think THAT’S bullshit. I’d guess that’s what it does for some people.

But I’d also wager that many people who wear a pin have already been champions for or protectors of or allies of the marginalized groups who might need to know that they can count on other people to be a safe place for them, someone to look to when they feel alone or scared or whatever else they feel, all of which is wholly legitimate. Many of my friends are members of the LGBT community, many of my friends are non-white, many of my friends are Jewish (including my best friend a/k/a ME).

If I wear a pin, or I display an image of a pin on social media, that doesn’t mean I’m in a fucking circle jerk with a bunch of people who are doing nothing but twiddling their pins. I have ALWAYS literally spoken up for the underdog. If I wear a safety pin, it’s not so other white people think I’m a truly amazing white person like they are. It’s so that the non-white/other marginalized human beings who are fucking panicked (along with us white people who have always given a fuck) can see, in that tiny gesture, that the world of people who care for them is HUGE.

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