State of the Mewnion


This was the state of the mewnion here on New Year’s Eve. This is how my cat, Lola, and I spent 92% of our time from Saturday morning after I got back from Whole Foods (she “held down the fort” while I was out foraging among the Upper West Siders) until yesterday. The grayish-blue expanse behind her that looks like a TV is not a TV. It is part of one of the windows looking out into our stunning courtyard, which is about as riveting as Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, which we did not watch because we don’t have cable. And if we did, we would have read on the sofa and eaten popcorn and not turned it on anyway.

Fun fact: My cat is just a head, as pictured here. Any photos floating around where she appears to have an entire body are of her in her prosthetic full body suit that she wears only for purposes of being photographed. While at home, simply relaxing, she is just a head. A fluffy, impossibly cute and round head that brings me incredible joy.

This is our life. We embody glamour.

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