About Face(book)

Well, hello. How nice of you to have taken the time to find me here or follow me here now that you’ve noticed my absence on Facebook. So, welcome, and have a seat and thank you for stopping by.

I deactivated Facebook two weeks ago today for several reasons. Perhaps the least serious is that I don’t want to witness a glut of holiday posts, especially those containing any iteration of the elf on the shelf, a blight that plagues Facebook this time every year. Even worse are the “funny” elf on the shelf posts where the elf finds himself in hilarious risque situations revolving around Barbie or Barbie-type dolls and a dearth of tiny pants. Oh, look, the naughty elf has apparently been a very good boy the rest of the year, because he’s being serviced to plastic perfection by a bobble-head! Good job, my friend!

I shan’t (no, I shan’t!) go into the more “serious” reasons, because it’s just not important. What is important are these things, with which I will delight any visitors here just as I did over there: My cat, Lola; my food; photos of random nonsense in NYC; and some general rantings and/or ravings, none of which will invite debate because I don’t like debate and just want to lounge around quietly on my sofa, giggling over “The Partridge Family” like it’s 1973.

Stick around. Let’s see how long I keep this up.

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