Drawing conclusions

I have just come to the marvelous conclusion that the reason I’m having trouble getting back into drawing is because I am pressuring myself to think I have to draw stuff like landscapes and flowers and people, when I have absolutely no desire to draw any of them. What do I want to draw? Waffles and dogs and shirts that zip up the front with a jaunty round zipper pull. Maybe a fanciful hat that could never exist in the so-called real world.

I am not an art student. I have no exams to take, no grades to achieve. Like with writing, I can draw what I know. And if what I know is waffles, then that’s what I’m serving.

There’s a reason I’m the only person in New York City who doesn’t have a therapist: Because I’m so damned good at it myself. And my cat is an excellent sounding board.

Perhaps I can draw her too.

3 thoughts on “Drawing conclusions

  1. Haha. Yes, this is indeed your long time frienemy, THE Brad, long time lover of oodles of doodles. So delighted by these fairly recent posts, Jodi. Fairly saucy and greedy of me to ask for more, but surely I can’t be blamed!

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