I suppose this is what they call “adulting”.

Big Excitement for the Day: Crystal Light pink lemonade, when prepared according to the package, one packet per 2 quarts, is a bit strong (I drank a large glass and awoke stranded on the Coney Island ferris wheel, in a seat at the top, wearing only a propeller beanie and poufy-sleeved prom gown), so I can use half a packet for 1-1/2 quarts, which just so happens to be the size of my nifty vintage Tupperware pitcher, and thus save big, big bucks and, of course, face, because I won’t have to explain WTF happened to “the fuzz” again. Win/win!

One thought on “I suppose this is what they call “adulting”.

  1. If you are dangling precariously from the top of any ferris wheel in a poufy-sleeved prom gown without the necessary undergarments to protect your virtue, then you’re simply inviting the boys (and interested girls) to observe the status of your “fuzz”. The good news is that it was lovely enough to garner a propeller enhanced beanie.

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