Hello, and welcome

Hello, friends, Romans, c(o)untrymen (so original), and others who may have followed me here from Facebook a/k/a Facefuck a/k/a Ugh I Hate That Company But I Also Can’t Quit It, Kinda Like Brokeback Mountain But Not Really!

I have been keeping this “blog” since 2002, when blogs were in their heyday and we all had Blogrolls and it was its own sort of charming circle jerk, and some became more popular than others and some of us wondered why because the shit we were reading on those popular blogs wasn’t nearly as rip-roarin’ hilarious as ours was. Back then, I posted photos of my lunches, and dogs, and people thought I was nuts, and now I’m pissed that I didn’t take advantage of that foresight and do what The Dogist did. Whatever.

Many of my posts here had images associated with them, but those have gone the way of the dodo thanks to some sort of glitch with my old hosting service which I won’t name, so I’m plenty pissed about that and of course sad as well. However, the “photo album” or “gallery” or whatever it’s called that housed the dog photos is still there although the names of the dogs and any other identifying information no longer exists as well, and that of course saddens me too, just as the realization does that all of those dogs have probably gone to the so-called Rainbow Bridge that I don’t believe in but wish with all my might did because dogs deserve nothing but the best and to live forever.

Anyway, please hang out with me here. Comment if you want. It won’t be Facebook, and that’s fine. Here I’m free to say what I want without worrying that I’ll start receiving endless ads for something I mentioned once in passing. I will still be there, but here is where my “home” is, and I welcome you here. I’d offer you a TaB, but that, like the aforementioned photos, has gone the sad, sad way of the dodo. Oy.

Hello, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Hello, and welcome

  1. JODI OMG I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU AND HERE YOU ARE. yes it is I, Joey, formerly of fn0rd.org, occasionally of F*ceb**k, and now (again) of snerk.net. I am so glad you’re still at this site and still FABULOUS, as you always have been. Mwah!

    1. JOEY!!!!! I am only seeing this comment right now today, 18 August 2022! Hello!!! Exclamation points warranted!

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