Cereal thriller

A “gentle reminder” to myself to stop eating more than one serving of Kashi Go Lean daily, not only to keep down expenses but to eliminate the fallout from consuming too much bran in one day.  My cereal of choice used to be raisin bran (Trader Joe’s with clusters), but after I demonstrated an alarming inability to not devour the box in one sitting, I banished it from my home.  I don’t want Kashi Go Lean to suffer the same fate, so after two egregious episodes with it, I’m enforcing limits.  My wallet and my digestion system sigh with relief.

2 thoughts on “Cereal thriller

  1. But what about the poor folks who grow it and process for your own good not to say the good of our faire nation??

    1. Seeing you here is making me flail so wildly with delight that I can’t even compose a decent reply comment!

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