The Salt of the Earth

MrPickle.jpg  MrPeanut.png
Jaunty hat?* Check!
White gloves? Check!
Fey pinky extension? Check!
Ankle-high boots avec spats? Check!
Winning grin? Check!
Cane/walking stick? Check!
Pantslessness? Check!
Although in my heart I think I should trust Mr. Peanut more than his crispin’ cousin, given his longer standing as a salty snack icon, I must say I think Mr. Pickle’s charm and sincerity are more readily apparent in his rather googly eyes, given his lack of a cheeky monocle. I also appreciate Mr. Pickle’s sleeker abs, avoidance of show-offy black tights (or, really, unitard) (nice pins, though, Peanut), and cartoon-standard four fingers instead of five. And then, of course, there’s his splendid noselessness, with which I have a special kinship.
* Note the different attitude in the hats, however. Whereas Mr. Peanut’s lends the air of a citified dandy, Mr. Pickle’s brings to mind a humble country doctor.